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Six O'clock Swill is a physics based bartender simulator based in 1950s Melbourne. Attempt to serve drinks to ever increasing demanding customers since your reputation is on the line.

Work during the daytime making cocktails and pouring spirits as best you can. When 5 o'clock hits all that goes out the window! A mass of people have arrived since finishing their day at work and now want a drink before the bar closes at 6! Work as fast as you can with an endless amount of people yearning for a pint before you close.


Six O'clock Swill

The Six O'clock Swill is time in Australian and New Zealand history where between 1916–1960s there were restricted bar trading hours as as a rush of people buying drinks at bars after work at 5pm and before bars closed at 6pm. This led to mass drinking after 5pm when people got off work to drink as much as one could before the bar closed at 6pm. Bars compensated by making longer bars and tiling walls and floors to make them easier to clean. The 6pm closing time was extended to different times in different states between the late 1930s to late 1960s. Six O'clock Swill Wikipedia page.

John Brack

John Brack (1920–1999) was an Australian painter who often painted life and the people of Melbourne. One of his most notable paintings is Collins St. 5pm (1955) which depicts a mass of people leaving their work at 5pm heading home or towards the pub. We took heavy inspiration off this piece when an early prototype reminded our playtesters of the iconic art piece. The bar name in game is called "Bracks" in honour of John Brack. The artwork is currently being displayed at the NGV. John Brack's Wikipedia page. Collins St, 5pm NGV.


Six O'clock Swill was developed by Liquor License Required. A team forming of Swinburne University students for their capstone games project. The team comprises of 3 Designers / Programmers, 1 dedicated Programmer, 3 Artists, 1 Sound Designer and music composed by an artist from Polytech Melbourne. To find out more about the team check out the team page!